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Internships and trainee positions

You are one of the generation of our future professionals, which is why we think it is vital to support you in your development.

Combine theory and practice. We can offer you a broad range of technical and non-technical internships, practical internships and learning-in-the-workplace courses. We have an extensive network of contacts among universities, senior secondary and higher professional educational institutes in the Netherlands.


MBO Practical courses

MBO (senior secondary vocational education)

Working in collaboration with a Regional Training Centre (ROC) and practical training centre, FMI offers learning through work places within one of the learning-on-the-job (BBL) courses or Level 3 and 4 training pools.

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HBO Practical courses

HBO (higher professional education)

Are you looking to develop your practical skills after completing your senior secondary vocational education? In addition to a paid job, FMI can offer you these higher professional education programmes.

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