Trainees MBO: choose a learning-on-the-job (BBL) course

Are you one of the generation of our future professionals? Working in collaboration with a Regional Training Centre (ROC) and practical training centre, FMI offers learning through work places within one of the learning-on-the-job (BBL) courses or Level 3 and 4 training pools.

During a BBL learning-on-the-job learning process you follow theory classes one day a week at an ROC and the other days you learn to practice your job. During a MBO training pool you combine a two days course with three days work in practice. Once you have completed the training you are a full-fledged CNC machine operator, CNC all-round machinist or CAM programmer with a bright future at FMI ahead for you!

FMI offers the following BBL practical training in:

  • Precision technique (level 3 and 4)
  • Mechatronics (level3)
  • Mechatronic Systems (level 4)
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